Sunday, 9 November 2014

Knitting for Betas

I need Beta readers and am knitting to get them.  

November is recruitment month.  Reading will take place during December and early January.  A crazy time to do this, I know.  Ever the optimist, I offer this bribe:

All Betas regardless of feedback will receive token chocolate, chosen by the Butler and his discriminating taste.

Chunky and thin

Betas who submit feedback of about a page (double spaced), get chocolate and hand warmers.  

These warmers could be chunky or thin, capped or uncapped, depending on my mood, which, it should be said, is unpredictable.


Submit up to three pages (double spaced), then expect chocolate, warmers and ankle socks.  Crazy.  Normal.  Chunky.  Skinny.  God knows what I’ll inflict on you.

Ankle socks

 A thorough report will earn the lucky reader chocolate, warmers, ankle and long socks.  I cannot promise any normal You-Could-Be-Seen-On-The-Street-Without-Flinching socks in the long sock department.  By nature, they are meant to be . . . individual.

Long socks

The OCD among the Betas (a more than thorough report) can negotiate a bespoke knitted payment for their efforts.

A little blurb, to see if the manuscript interests you:

They're unlikely friends.  USN surgeon BERT STATLER is the son of a psychopath and it shows.  RAF anaesthetist CONOR O'DONOVAN the favourite in a large Irish family.  When a rug is sent anonymously to Conor, he dismisses it as the work of bored old women (aka his mother's friends).  As Conor worries about his sick cat and Bert launches a training program in London, the women slip them evidence of cover-ups, murder, and the sell-out of UK soldiers.  The solution lies in a secret from Afghanistan, a secret that Conor now regrets protecting.  Set in Afghanistan and the UK, the two time periods are told simultaneously.

Interested Betas may DM or email: