Friday, 4 January 2013

Home Delivery

The grocery delivery arrived today while my husband was at work.  Since my work is situated at a desk in the bay window of our home, anything that happens when he’s away can be a bit of an annoyance.  Some things like the cat clawing the carpet so she can come into my office and balance on anything in the room that has a diameter of no more than 2”, these things I’m fairly adept at tackling. 

A grocery delivery is a bit trickier, especially if there are substitutions because I’m not the cook in our house.  Basically I refuse all substitutions in the spice or herb department and accept substitutions for everything else.  It makes cooking a little more interesting for him.

Today as I put things mostly where they belonged, I was struck by how complex a task he has in doing the weekly order.  Obviously there’s the whole meal planning & knowing what goes in the recipes, checking to see what needs restocked.  All of that requires knowing what fruit we leave to attract flies,  what type Magnums are acceptable, if we’re eating bread this week or only wraps, what toiletry items everyone in the house uses, who likes mushrooms and who hates raisins and whether or not we’ve run out of kitty litter.  And his job’s not even in the house.

My husband’s an intelligent man.  He trained at Trinity and Oxford.  But it’s not his mental capacity that I’m thinking of.  It’s his desire to pay attention to and take care of us.  That’s what the weekly grocery deliver quietly does.

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