Monday, 28 April 2014

Read These Liebster Blogs!

The best part about having my blog Liebstered, is passing the Liebster torch on.  There are so many kickass blogs out there to choose from, but nominees have to have less than 1000, 300 or 200 followers, depending on differing versions of the rules.  

It became quickly apparent that I am too stupid to know how many followers a blog has.  Rather than cry in my oatmeal, I’ve relied on number of Twitter followers, choosing folk with less than 1000.  I have tried to nominate blogs that haven’t been Liebstered yet, but if I have double dosed someone, I do apologise.  I’d love to read your answers to my questions but you are released from trying to find ten more people to nominate.

My ten Liebster Nominees, in no particular order:

Teagan Kearney @modhaiku
Teagan’s blog is what it says – essays on the act and art of writing, an update on her WIP, a bonus Haiku, helpful links – all packed into one post that connects with someone who writes like she’s already your friend.  You’ll keep going back to this one.

Emma Peachy Hall @peachyemma
It says at the top of Peachy Emma’s blog that she writes whatever is in her head.  Her head is an interesting place to be and it’s wonderful she invites us into it.  She makes the everyday into soulful reading.  The type of blog I want to click hot cocoa mugs with.

Carol Hedges @carolJhedges
On the other hand, Carol’s blog is to be read with a glass of 14% ginger wine.  An intelligent, well informed and expertly honest blog, she’s the writer (grandmother, historian, political activist, researcher) to have your back in life’s dark alleys. 

Lora O’Brien @loraob
Lora writes about Irish spirituality in the most down to earth, easy-to-connect-to way I’ve read.  This is the real McCoy, writing knowledgeably about a part of life we often keep to ourselves.  Bolshie, thoughtful, helpful, real.  A definite MUST read.

Jane Turley  @turleytalks
 Irreverent, honest, funny as hell.  The irrepressible Mrs T takes on motherhood, writing life, farm animals and fashion styles of the literary powerful.  Jane can pack more pizzazz in two paragraphs than I hope to fit into my entire life.

Jennie Gillions  @jengillions
Jennie admits she’s ‘not precious about my mental health,’ which makes this the perfect blog for the info junkie with interests in mental health and history.  She lets the facts tell the disturbing stories without embellishment.  Addictive stuff here.

Cheryl Harrington  @cheryl_cch
Cheryl’s is another blog which brings the reader into her world and quickly makes you feel at home there.  She writes about writing and reading, how books weave all aspects of her experience – family, health, home – into a congruency of life.

Saschk Drakos  @siniharakka
It wouldn’t be fair to exclude this guy.  Saschk doesn’t blog often but when he does, he pulls the internal out of his literary hat and makes it a visual, palpable, no longer to be ignored vibrant aspect of life that breathes with relief at being acknowledged.  Read him.

Amy Mackin  @MkingWriting
Although she’s so much more, I always listen for one voice when I read her blogs – the child from The Emperor’s Clothing.  Through her writing and reading, Amy speaks about the human condition in all the many aspects and roles that she meets on her way.  Lovely, lovely blog.

So there’s my choices.  I hope they soon become your favourites as well.  Now, questions for the new Liebsters!  Post your answers on your blog and send me the link.

1.  What is the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten?

2.  Do you need contact with people in order for you to create?

3.  Does (your) despair have its place in (your) happiness? 

4.  Give me a link to a recording of your favourite piece of music.

5.  Talk about the relation between mental health (good or bad) and the creative act.

6.  Recommend something for me to read that you haven’t written.

7.  Give me a link to something that you have written.

8.  Is there a moment you can remember when something happened or you had some thought that changed things for you?  If so, tell that story.  If not, what could have changed everything?

9.  What is THE most amazing thing about human beings?

10.  Write a summary of how you see yourself.

Thank everyone who’s dropped by today!  


  1. Fab questions, Lora - cannot wait to see answers from some of these familiar faces (and check out the new ones) ! Lisa

  2. Thank you for the nomination, Lora and for the mention on your blog:) I also have a nomination from another blog friend which I haven't completed yet so I hope you don't mind if I combine them into a joint blog post. I love your questions - so different from many of the others I've seen over the years. The one about the relationship about mental health and creativity is a pet subject of mine. Oh dear - I'm afraid that might have fuelled my creativity:))

  3. Thank you, Lora! I'm honoured to be named in such great company. Your questions are intriguing...thinking about answers and wonder who I'll be Liebstering!