Saturday, 21 October 2017

My First Six On Saturday

Autumn, absolutely!  It's messy, unshaven, hems split open & chignons coming undone but I adore this time of year, the way the world feels, outside in the thick of things.

1. The fruits & colours.  Here, the ornamental cherry colludes with an acer in party dress.

2.  The last ditch harvest.  Our first year growing saffron crocus, which essentially grows itself.  Although they apparently do better in the ground, ours are in planters - getting down on my hag-self knees in order to pluck the saffron out . . . well, it ain't happening.  The tweezers method of collecting explains why saffron is so expensive.

3.  But there's still plenty of blossoming going on.  The never ending calendula.

4.  These wonderfully prolific bulbs found at a village plant stall years ago which I think are hesperantha, but correct me if I'm wrong.

5.  Of course, the magnificent fatsia japonica wreaking bee ecstasies with its subtle but gorgeous scent.

6.  Lastly, the elephant garlic sticking out their tongues at the promise of next year's cooking adventures.

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  1. Fatsia is a popular choice this week, yours is the third I think. Mine is not yet fully out in flower. Lovely to see a new Six post, welcome to the tribe! hope to see you back next week.

  2. They are indeed Hesperantha, one of my favourites. As you say, they are wonderfully prolific and yours are looking very healthy. Nice six!

  3. Always reassuring to see the garlic stick its nose above ground a weel or two after planting! Lovely bright hesperantha too :)