Saturday, 25 July 2020

Week 30

1.  Honeysuckle.

Aphids savaged the honeysuckle earlier this year, ruining all the blooms.  With them gone, the honeysuckle's returned in pink & yellow vengeance.

2.  Heucherella.

3.  Crooked Veronica.

Close up.

Step back.

4.  Valiant S&S fight.

Of the methods tried, the most effective protection from S&S has been covering young plants at night until they're too big to be delicious.  It's a twice daily pain that I'm always glad to see the end of.

This week, I came across some roof felt trimmings & cut them to size.  They work like a dream at keeping slimy things off.

5.  Teddy Bear sunflowers.

Even full grown, these are S&S favourites.  As they're only 12" tall, I grew them in planters & found that those in metal containers stayed fairly untouched.  Perhaps copper isn't the only deterrent to S&S marauders.

The photo above is how they're advertised to look.  There are, however, variations, some rather alarming.

6.  Unknown pest.

I can't quite figure out what's made its home in the curry.

It doesn't appear to feed off the plants & admittedly, is rather cute, so I'm letting it stay for the moment.

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like your kind of pest in curry ... it will bring a good smell in the house!
    Incredible sunflowers! These look like double flowers, triples ... Very unusual

    1. Smelling of curry would be a plus! Loving the Teddy Bears, even the startling one.

  2. Drat, I threw away my shed roof felt leftovers. Ingenious idea.

    1. You'd think I was a Depression baby, the way I try to find uses for old stuff.

  3. Roofing felt slug deterrents - quick get it patented!

  4. The roofing felt idea is quite brilliant!

    1. It's not 100%, as I found out after a day of rain. On non-rainy days, tho, it works a treat.

  5. You need to look out for Crooked Veronica she can be very dodgy. That is a lovely coloured Heuchera as well...