Friday, 4 October 2019

Flecks of Colour

Six on Saturday is a weekly diary by gardeners all over the world & hosted by The Propagator.  Be sure to drop by his blog & also visit Twitter for links to everyone.

No nights below 9C, but cooler temps all around, less daylight, changing colours . . . autumn is definitely here, yet amazingly, many plants are still putting on a show.

So before we look at them, does anyone know what this is?      =>  =>  =>  =>
It's seen on the BigNoseWalk, not in my garden & thus not one of my Six.  We don't break the rules in this blog.

Onward to glory.

1.  Dianthus.

These were seeds in the edible flower kit.  I wore their colours in the valiant but mostly futile war against the S&S brigade.  Then the hot, dry spell gave us a reprieve & the dianthus bloomed . . . o, they bloomed.

When this guy's stem popped up all of a coupla inches, I assumed it was a self seeder for next year.  But it did this.

Another SoSer told me she plants hers with her onions (I think she said), & has no S&S problem.  I don't grow onions, but think I'll intersperse mine with the garlic.

2.  Hellebore seeds.

The hellebore that's been blooming for a few weeks, now has seed heads as well as flowers.

Structural masterpiece, there.

3.  Snapdragon.

This snapdragon popped up in a pot earlier this year.  Neither drought nor rain have kept it from blooming.

Great bit of colour in a corner that appreciates it.

4.  Auricular.

The aricula have just gotten started.  Their centres look like bits of candy.

The flower itself is at an awkward angle, requiring geriatric gymnastics in order to photo it, resulting in grave disappointment at not getting a clear image for my effort.

5.  Lorapetalum.

This is our first year together & I had no idea it would give a second hurrah, but apparently that's par for the course with this shrub, giving both a spring & autumn flush.

And not a frugal blooming.  It throws its entire self into the job.

Isn't that a great looking plant?

6.  Best rose.

We inherited 5 mature rose bushes with the new place.  They're all great producers with wonderful scents, still knocking their socks off.

This one's my favourite & inspired the hydropod purchase cuz there should be more of these beauties on this earth.

And that's my Six.

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by.  You can't imagine how much I appreciate it.  So much in fact, that I leave you with an image of an enormous puff ball next to my foot for comparison, also seen on the BigNoseWalk so most assuredly not one of my Six.

No rules broken in the writing of this blog.


  1. I love snapdragons. Alas, most of mine didn't do very this year. That flower on the Lorapetalum is pretty. Almost ragged robiny. I hope someone identifies that shrub - it's rather nice..

    1. I think the lorapetalum is related to or a type of witch hazel, thus the ragged robiny bloom. Agree w/you on the mystery bush as well. Not the greatest photo, but everything about it is lovely - berries, flowers, foliage. I thought snapdragons were close to being thugs. Wonder why yours didn't thrive.

  2. I collected the seeds of hellebores by placing a small bag around the seed heads to ripen and fall into them. A cloth bag or an old tights to keep them ventilated . Pretty Auricula!

    1. I'm pleased the aricula survived - they struggled w/the heat. Do you do anything special when planting the hellebore or just stick it in a pot>

    2. Nothing quitespecial ... maybe luck ...?

  3. The auricular is beautiful. I usually let my hellebores to self seed and transplant the seedlings to where I want them in Spring

    1. I may do the same w/my seeds, as they don't require special attention. I'm a big auricular fan from long ago.

  4. Weird that your hellebore is flowering now, isn't it? Lovely six and just by the way, it would not be considered a code violation to include a photo from somewhere exterior to your garden as part of a Six!

    1. I thought the hellebore blooming was odd, but put it down to a flush after the dry spell we had. It's been going strong for a few weeks now.

  5. Oh that Anicular is good enough to eat

    1. It does, doesn't it? You should see it when it's in focus.

  6. I'm loving that Loropetalum. I was just getting excited for you that you had an eponymous shrub and then googled it and found it is Loro not Lora. Glorious flower form however it's spelt!

    I was out dog walking today and noticed LOADS of puffballs. I think it's been a good year for them.

    1. The person who named this plant spelled my name wrong & I've simply corrected it. A gardening friend of mine stopped by today & got drawn off the path by the look of it. I think she's in love, now, the poor dear.