Saturday, 22 June 2019

Some Home, Some Away


It's #SixOnSaturday time!  That day when gardeners all over the world share six things from their garden. 

If you'd like to take on this affliction, drop over to our host Mr P's blog.  His theme this week is Profusion, which he's got in . . . papavers.  Be sure to check his comments for links to other SoSers.

For myself, it's been a busy gardening week.  All those plants that were promised in mid-May have suddenly arrived at once.  'It was the late growing season,' one nursery said, while another blamed some type of show down with Gardener's World.

I don't care why they were late - they're here now!  I might show you a couple of them, but let's start with some things seen when out & about.

1.  Community planting.

An offering to all the SoSers who've gotten the succulent bug - on his walk, Mr BigNose's nose sometimes takes us past this L-shaped council garden planted with a variety of succulents.

Succulent commune.

As I took this photo, another dog walker told me she'd added the stuff next to the wall that looks like it's dead.  They're irises that someone gave her but didn't fit into her own garden, plus a couple of roses (not in the photo).

One of the living.
This bed could've given Six on its own - reds & purples & yellows & blues - but here's one fine representative.

2.  Voodoo lily.

When I saw these in my neighbour Andy's front garden, I had to stop & ask about them.  Apparently  they'd appeared in his compost pile, something which he'd seen on a gardening show had happened to other folk.  They grew so big last year that this year he moved them to the front where I came along with my questions.

Mr Stinky

The flower is a stunning 18", so when Andy said I could have it, I thought he must be nuts.  Then he suggested I smell it.  If you've never smelled a voodoo lily, let me say that while Andy & I were talking, I was thinking there must be a dead mouse somewhere in his flowerbed.

Nope, it was the voodoo lily.  I went home without it.

3.  Peas, peas, peas.

While I love a beautiful 18" flower, there's a special joy in growing things to eat.  The peas've begun to produce.

Masses of peas.

I bought a bag of mixed seeds, allegedly early, middling & late bloomers.  They're all coming ripe at the same time.

Mange tout mix.

They're also very tasty, so not many of them make it to the house.

4.  And berries, berries berries.

This enthusiastic ground creeper has foliage quite like a strawberry plant, & even produces little red berries.

Snake berry?

If it is a snake berry, the internet says it's edible but not tasty.  Since nothing else in my garden nibbles at it, neither shall I.

5.  Phyllis Bide

Our first year together, I love her colour, her soft smell, her prolific flowering, her patient scaling of the garden wall.

David Austin's Phyllis Bide.

Mostly, though, I love her name.  It cracks me up & I've no idea why.  Perhaps because when I say it in my head, it's punctuated, Phyllis, bide!  Obviously she's not compliant.

6.  Acanthus Mollis Whitewater.

I adore bear's breeches (or britches, said in my accent) & decided this year to get a white one.  This is how it arrived, slug included.

Too big for her britches!

I cut the poor wretch outa her pot, put her in a larger one where she looks so much better, even w/those brown spots on her leaves.  She's quite the beauty, so I do hope she recovers.

Underwater nursery?

That's my Six for this week.  Tune in next time to see if there really is a bud on my water lily.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The smell of voodoo lily is strong but the flower is very beautiful. Too bad you came home without it . Today it will be picking of strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and red currants. I hurry before the heat wave coming.

    1. I think it depends on what's your stronger sense, Fred. For me, smell out bids sight every time, which is why certain gorgeous roses never make the long list in my garden because they've got no scent. The lily's beautiful, but to have the stench of death in my garden . . . no, not really an incentive.

  2. I used to help pod peas in my mum's garden when I was young. Used to eat more than went in the bowl. Delicious. The Voodoo (which initially autocorrected to Video) lily looks very dark and mysterious.

    1. There's nothing like fresh veg. I'm waiting for the cucumelon to come ripe.

  3. Sometimes it is a blessing having no/little sense of smell! Fresh peas, straight from the pod, you just can't beat it, I am surprised any get to the kitchen. Good luck with the acanthus, I am sure she will be fine now she has been removed from her corset.

    1. I hope you're right about the acanthus. Apparently Jon (see comment below) didn't have much luck w/his.

  4. I've got an acanthus like that. I think it was happier in its pot. Since planting it head done nothing much. Sad face.

    1. Sad face, indeed. Hopefully mine will behave better.

  5. Laughed about the smelly Voodoo flower, and the peas not getting into the house. So easy to snack on freshly picked veg. Chloris featured Phyllis Bide last week and I was immediately in love. Quite difficult to source here, but I’m working on it.

    1. I missed a lot of blogs last week & haven't even started this week, but'll make sure to check Chloris' out. It's a rose that's easy to love.

  6. I'm growing lovely Phyllis Bide too. She's a chameleon of a rose isn't she, turning various shades of pink, apricot and white. I love that community bed too - would be interested to see what other plants people pop in there over the next few months. Keep us posted!

    1. Yes, it's a good thing she's got mystery because she also has scads of thorns & is very hard to work w/during the initial training to the trellis. Also a bit brittle - my Doodle ran into her & knocked off three branches! Hopefully she'll have more endurance once she gets a bit more mature.

  7. Nice to see some Sempervivum action Lora. Talking about smelly flowers there is a Corpse Flower, Titus Arnum flowering at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. They are ope until 10 tonight to show it off.

    1. I think of both you & Granny whenever we pass that bed. Such amazing variety & so easy to nick! I image searched the corpse flower & it's huge! Imagine the stench something that large could produce - no thanks.

  8. I'd say no to that lily too! Enough smelly things around here (I live next door to a working cattle and sometimes sheep farm) especially when the farmer goes spreading muck on the fields. Yuk!

    1. I see them every time I take Mr BigNose for his walk & think, surely I could stand a little decay in my life . . . ah, nope.